Whether you’re expecting and would like me to capture your growing belly; if you’ve just welcomed your beautiful baby into the world; or if you’d like to celebrate life together by having family portraits taken, I look forward to working with you to create photographs that are authentic, and heartfelt.

Hi! I'm Kylie. I’ve been capturing families for 6 years, and gosh, do I love it! I relish in documenting the beautiful, raw, honest moments that make our lives worth living. Heartfelt, timeless and soulful photographs are what I strive to capture. I pride myself on creating uniquely personal images for my clients, with great emphasis placed on quality. Moments in time which I hope will be treasured for generations. Through the medium of traditional analog film, I photograph in a natural, yet editorial style, to tell a family’s unique story.



photos of us by Amelia Soegijono


a little about me…

I'm wife to a wonderful husband who I've known for half my life, and a mama to three beautiful little girls who I adore to no end! We live on the N.S.W. Central Coast where we were lucky enough to buy our first family home a few years ago.  We packed up our lives in Sydney,  and relocated. And we absolutely love it here! When I'm not shooting families on weekends you can find us renovating our little beach shack in between trips to the local beach or cafe.

Growing up, I was always the one with a camera in my hand- on family travels, and on adventures with friends. I remember having this feeling, like it was really important to capture moments and memories and hold onto them. But I never thought about photography as a career. I discovered my passion for professional photography around 7 years ago when I first downloaded a little app called Instagram! All of a sudden I was exposed to a world of beautiful imagery and inspiring photographers, and for the very first time in my life, I knew who and what I wanted to be. This became even more clear when I gave birth to my first baby girl, Addison, in 2013. I began focusing my creative energy on motherhood because I discovered for myself just how important it is to document mothers with their babies. The seasons of life, as we know, are so painfully fleeting. And mamas always seem to be the ones behind the camera. I’m doing my best to change that.



Traditional Analogue film is my medium of choice

90% of the work I share on social media and all of the work on this site is shot using film so, odds are, if you're here it's because you love the look of film too.

Film has a soft, dreamy and luxurious quality to it- light, colours, texture, skin tone and movement are so beautifully captured by this medium. It can turn any scene into something magical. It fuels the fire in my belly and I am utterly devoted to it!

If you’d like to know more about film photography and what hiring a film photographer means for you, I’ve gone over the basics HERE .



Want to know a little more about us? This is what a typical Saturday morning looks like in our home…