Sisters | NSW Central Coast Family Photographer


My beautiful, beautiful girls, Addy and Charlie, being just the cutest little sisters on one of our bush walks a few weeks ago. I couldn't not share these with you! Taking these photos made me remember why I became a photographer in the first place- to document my life and the lives of my children. These photos make me so happy!

Being a mother to three girls under five is a really tough gig sometimes. Every day is full of ups and downs, laughter and frustration. But through it all, these two love each other so much! I see there love every day, and its one of the things that helps get me through.  Sure, they fight like all sisters do, but it rarely lasts longer than five minutes. They take care of each other, they laugh together, and they certainly get up to mischief together! 

Things will change so much next year when Addy starts school. Their relationship, and our whole family dynamic really,  will shift and grow. Especially as Olive gets older, and her and Charlie spend their days together at home.  I wish that time would stand still for a little longer, but its an impossible wish. I'm so glad to have these photos, to remember this season of their lives together.