First Shoot | An Australian Film Photographer's Journey

The excitement of getting my Contax quickly turned into fear and procrastination, and it was well over a month before I took it out for the first time! I've been researching the ins and outs of film photography for a long time now and I've learned so much from the web, Youtube, and from reading others post in the Contax 645 Facebook group (best resource ever!). But the week before this shoot I watched as many Youtube videos as I could find on the Contax 645, how to load and unload film, and how to meter with my Sekonic L-358.

As much as I told myself that the first few rolls of film would probably be a right-off, in the back of my mind I was kind of hoping I could create some amazing images! So my sister and her two kids (yes, how dumb am I choosing kids as my first subject to practice manual focusing on?!) got dressed up and we headed to the Pam Beach sand dunes at dusk.

I only took two rolls of film with me, which was more than enough I thought. I loved using the light meter and I felt pretty confident and prepared. Apart from the fact that my camera doesn't have a strap - so nerve wracking! Changing out the roll of film was extremely difficult as I had to sit down in the sand and balance it all on my lap!

Anyway, that first click of the shutter- heavenly! I probably haven't nailed the manual focus, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be (I had a Maxwell enhanced screen installed by Contax Rental when I bought the camera). I definitely missed a few really good moments because I couldn't focus quickly enough. But this is something I'm really looking forward to working on.

I shot all Fuji 400h rated at 160. I started out at F2 (yes, probably also a dumb decision) but the aperture ring got bumped to F2.8 somewhere along the way. I metered for the shadows.

No images yet as I'm still waiting on scans but hopefully any day now...