why film?


I get asked a lot about what it means to shoot film and what the differences are between film and digital photography, so here are the basics...

I shoot with rolls of analogue film which I then have developed and scanned by an expert film lab. I use a state-of-the-art medium format film camera and specialty Fuji and Ilford film which together render excellent quality, high resolution images. So if you're thinking I rummaged an old, dusty 35mm camera out of my Nanna’s garage, you'd be quite wrong (although I do love to shoot with Nanny’s old camera for personal work from time to time)! Images are delivered as digital files on either USB or in an online gallery, just as any other photos would be. So there are no extra hassles or downsides for you! Only beautiful, timeless images captured through a traditional medium.

Film has a soft,  dreamy, and luxurious quality to it. The way it captures light, colour and movement just can't compare to digital photography for me. Aside from the difference in the look of the images, I love film because it slows down the process of my photography. Loading the film, metering for the light, the manual focus, and not wanting to waste a shot,  forces me to really create an image before I press the shutter. It also forces me to be in the moment with the families that I have the honor of shooting. Instead of checking the back of my camera after every shot, , I'm in the moment the entire time, I'm connecting on a personal level, and things are generally more relaxed and calm. I find this makes all the difference with children, especially.